One Anthem is a high energy band from Norwalk, CT that offers pop rock (U2, Cold Play, Simply Red) and reggae (Bob Marley) covers and some originals carefully tailored to its audiences and events. One Anthem was formed in 2013  as part of a music initiative from the Norwalk City Recreation and Parks. Since then, One Anthem has performed in multiple venues and festivals in CT and NY states. In 2016, One Anthem recorded its first original album entitled “Running Out of Angels”. One Anthem also offers duos or acoustic solos acts.


Beto 5

Roberto Petrillo (Beto) is the founder and One Anthem’s front man. Beto is originally from Brazil and has played in different bands and perfomed acoustic solos. One Anthem’s sound is highly influenced by his roots and bands such as Pink Floyd, U2 and Bob Marley.



John Konya joyned One Anthem’s original trio formation. He has performed as bassist and keyboard player for a long time in the local Fairfield county scenery. Through his blend of influences and past experiences, John continues to focus on perfecting his music style and shaping-up One Anthem’s sounds.



Alex Mroz also joined One Anthem’s original trio formation. Originally from Poland, Alex is an experienced drummer and song writter. Alex creativity always brings something new and unexpectable to his acts. Alex delivers solid performances providing a great foundation for One Anthem’s music.









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