One Anthem is a high energy rock and reggae band from Norwalk, CT that offers both covers and originals carefully tailored to its audiences and events. In 2013, One Anthem was formed as part of a music initiative from the Norwalk City Recreation and Parks. Since then, One Anthem has performed in multiple venues and festivals in CT and NY states. In late 2016, One Anthem recorded its first original album entitled “Running Out of Angels”.


ROBERTO PETRILLO (BETO) is One Anthem’s founder and front man, delivering solid stage performances and taking audiences to a colorful and positive journey. Originally from Sao Paulo Brazil, Beto has performed acoustic solos throughout his music career and has been in different bands such as BRZ Brazilian Rock and Super Monkey. Beto’s music style has been highly influenced by Bob Marley, The Police and the profound melodies of Pink Floyd and U-2.




JC ALZA joined One Anthem in 2015 as bass player. JC has worked as bassist, arranger, producer and performed in bands ranging from original music, hard rock, rock, funk, reggae, funk, celtic, reggae and latin. influences including Marcus Miller, Robert Trujillo, Jaco Pastorius and respected music from Led Zeppelin to motown, metal and fusion combined. Through this blend of both influences and past experiences, JC continues to focus on the style and techniques that flow through him and is continually striving to master his craft.



DAN LIEBOWITZ joined One Anthem in summer of 2015. Dan has extensive music experience with several bands and is a respected and versatile drummer in the south Connecticut area. Dan is very active performing in local jams, performing different music styles, blues, rock and reggae. Dan delivers solid performances providing a great foundation for the One Anthem sound. Dan lives in Wilton, CT and is originally from Paramus, NJ.









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